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xeroplus the muse by pflaume xeroplus the muse by pflaume
the roads split in two, the mold i was... vacant. for i had lost my mind. in you i tell stories as hung on a cliff waiting for the right moment. for i fall deep into a state of shock frozen eyes cold like stones to match stones that sit at the bottom of someplace weightless. unless. darling unless i could fly with wings i dont think we'll ever escape this island. floating in an uncanny shiftless twilight. maybe those unique colors in your eyes could pursuade the sun and moon to compromise for our freedom. or even fracture the moon to be placed in a graveyard of moons and then we would have daylight forever. forever yours, God, i know this earthen vessel i call my body will decay with what it was formed and fade. and to the eternal things dont fade from me. love once more and send me your thoughts in letters from another place and time. wish i could float somewhere deep inside the universe until there is not even space time. outside the stars i would see it all. the meaning of all. and only everyonce and again visit where im from.i want to escape everything that wont fill me with the good i would.

poem by my dear friend Bruce Anthony Shelton

thanx to my beautiful model xeroplus
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January 28, 2011
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